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Getting Started

In the process of selling a home, often times a homeowner will forget something either in the beginning or near the end. Either way, items should not be overlooked. To help alleviate the stress of trying to figure out what has been done versus what hasn’t, Tolaris Realty Group has created a ‘Sellers Checklist’ below. Simply complete each item on the checklist and you should be good to move. However, keep in mind that this is a generic checklist and your property may be different from every other and will require items not found on this check list.

Step One:

If you are going to hire a Realtor®, that is the first thing that you should do.Contact Tolaris Realty Group today to arrange an appointment.

Step Two:

Determine your asking price based on the sales price of other homes in your area. If you need assistance with this, get a Home Value Estimate from one of our Realtors today.

Step Three:

Estimate the transaction and determine how much cash you, as the sellers, will receive after the final mortgage and any other bills have been paid.

Step Four:

Decide if and what improvements to the home or property will improve the value and sale price of the property.

Step Five:

Prepare the exterior of your home for prospective buyers.

Step Six:

Prepare the interior of your home for prospective buyers.

Step Seven:

Have your real estate agent prepare a sales contract and sellers disclosure form prior to showing your house.

Step Eight:

Consider retaining a real estate attorney.

Step Nine:

Designate the days that your home will be available for showing and coordinate these dates with your real estate agent.

Step Ten:

Prior to each day that your home is viewed, touch-up both the interior and exterior of your home so that it will show off its best features.

Step Eleven:

Plan and execute open house for prospective buyers to tour the property freely.

Step Twelve:

Coordinate all offers and potential buyers through your real estate agent and have your real estate attorney review all serious contenders.

Step Thirteen

Negotiate with serious buyers on the terms and conditions associated with their individual offers. Select the offer that best suits your needs and wants. Review with both your realtor and your real estate attorney.

Step Fourteen

Get the buyers signature on the contract and collect a deposit to be held in escrow.

Step Fifteen

If applicable, arrange to be home on the date of inspection and appraisal so that you can answer any questions and be there to respond to any concerns.

Step Sixteen

Consult with your real estate attorney final to closing and arrange for them to be present at the time of closing.

Step Seventeen

Re-calculate your original estimate of cash following the final mortgage and other bills have been paid.

Step Eighteen

Retain a copy of the settlement statement for your records.

Step Nineteen

Bring your drivers license and the deed to your property to your closing. At time of closing, raise any questions you have concerning the settlement statement and/or address them with your real estate attorney.

Step Twenty

Congratulations, you have sold your home! Celebrate with your family!

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House Sold

Selling Tips

Selling a home can often be a large undertaking for a novice. Tolaris Realty Group understands that fact and has compiled the following information that all potential home or property sellers should consider.

Talk with Real Estate Agent

This should always be your first step. Even if you haven’t thought of hiring a Realtor, it is best to at least speak with one to let them guide you through a bit of information and details to consider. You will often find that although it is sometimes attractive to handle the sale of your house yourself, there are a lot of things that you didn’t consider and that you could really use the advice and consultation from a real estate professional.

Clean It Up!

First impressions are crucial! Sellers, make sure your property is in the absolute best condition that it can be in before any prospective buyer sees it. Walk around your house, inside and out, and look at it from a buyer’s stance. Look at the cleanliness and attractiveness of individual areas. If a little picking up, organizing, and tidying will make the property look better, trust us, you will see the return in the final sale price.

Property Enhancements That Add Value

Before you start adding new features to your home, understand what will and will not increase the value of your property. Sellers that follow these simple rules and should be pretty safe:

  • Rule 1:
    If the house is in poor condition, improvements can increase the sales price.
  • Rule 2:
    A thousand dollars spent to improve a home that is in good condition, seldom adds a thousand dollars to its sales price.
  • Rule 3:
    Nothing adds value to a home like improvements to kitchens and bathrooms.
Home Warranty

This is most commonly a small ticket item that can be of huge value to a buyer. Placing a sellers warranty on your appliances and general house features will make the property more enticing to prospective buyers.

Consider a Real Estate Attorney

Most real estate attorneys charge relatively low rates for their services and consultations for home sellers, but those services could save you thousands on closing day. They can help with down payments, complicated offers and contracts, representation of sellers at closings and title transfers, lease options and purchase agreements, and state, county, and city filings.